Upcoming Events

we’re working on it… ūüėČ

Past Events

  • 15 September, 2020: colaps @ ECTEL 2020 – Workshop: “CoFeeMOOC: Designing Contingent Feedback for Massive Open Online Courses” (description, pdf)
  • 23 – 27 March, 2020: colaps is co-organizing¬†ADORE ’20¬†and attending¬†LAK’20¬†(cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak)
  • 27-29 November, 2019: colaps @ Eapril 2019 – Spotlight Session (Workshop): “Using Learning Analytics to Design Personalized and Adaptive Feedback for Higher Education”¬† (description)
  • 28-30 August, 2019: colaps @¬†Nordic Learning Summer Analytics Institute¬†– Workshop: “Using Learning Analytics to Design Appropriate, Student-Centered Feedback” (description)

Join us

We’re always looking for people who would like to join us either for Master or Bachelor Theses, or for PhD research or just as student/research assistants. If you think our work at coLAps is interesting, you can look out for collaboration opportunities¬†here. Alternatively you can always get in touch via email at¬†