CoFeeMOOC 2021

We’re happy to announce that colaps is co-organizing CoFeeMOOC 2021 at eMOOCs 2021 conference in June organized by Hasso Plattner with the theme:

A New Normal in Digital Education:

Urgent Challenges and New Opportunities Created by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This is a workshop we pursued along with Evi Topali and the University of Valladolid and we’re more than happy to see it taking off!

CoFeeMOOC 2021 is a half-day workshop that aims to support the design of appropriate feedback in MOOCs. During the workshop we will elaborate on the following critical points:

a. To pinpoint the context-specific aspects that come into play regarding scaffolding in MOOCs and to investigate their impact on designing feedback;

b. To explore the role of learning analytics in delivering feedback. For example, how can we employ learning analytics to identify struggling learners in need of scaffolding or to design personalized feedback;

c. To develop guidelines for designing scaffolding and delivering contextualized feedback in MOOCs.

For more information about CoFeeMOOC 2021 and how to participate, please follow the workshop’s website at: