Evi’s research stay @colaps

Paraskevi (Evi) Topali is a PhD student from the University of Valladolid, Spain who conducted a 3-months research stay (from October to December 2020) at the University of Tartu. The work developed during the stay was part of the research project “COLAPS: Combination of machine learning and learning analytics to provide Custom Scaffolding for Computer-Aided Learning Activities”.

The main goal of the stay was the exploration of strategies to assist instructors in the process of providing feedback to learners in the context of MOOCs. During these three months, Paraskevi together with prof. Irene Chounta carried out a systematic literature review (SLR) regarding the provision of Learning Analytics-informed feedback in MOOC contexts aiming to understand the current landscape and collect good practices on the topic.  The results of the SLR are intended to be presented in a journal paper. Additionally, Paraskevi is putting together a knowledge base of resources (including an overview of the reviewed studies) in the form of the wiki. The wiki (currently under construction) can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, apart from the SLR, Paraskevi participated in activities related to her PhD, such as seminars and meetings in which she presented her progress and received feedback from the receiving group.

Evi and Irene taking advantage of image processing technologies @Delta Building

In the future, Paraskevi together with prof. Irene Chounta are planning to run a workshop regarding feedback practices in MOOC context at the international conference EMOOCs2021.