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“AI in Education”

In November, 2nd to 4th 2020, I attended as an AIED (Artificial Intelligence in Education) expert the Global Summit on the Ethics of AI in Education and I presented parts of my ongoing research on Designing Learning Analytics Dashboard for Higher Education and the potential benefits of introducing Artificial Intelligence for Estonian Education. The event was organized and hosted by the Institute for Ethical AI in Education (https://www.buckingham.ac.uk/research-the-institute-for-ethical-ai-in-education/) aiming to discuss ethical questions regarding the use of AI in education and to decide upon practical steps that will ensure equal opportunity and benefit as well as protection against potential risks. During the summit, international stakeholders (https://www.aiedethics.com/contributors) discussed in working groups various topics including:

  • Ways AI could change education for the better and for the worse, as well as changes we should be resisting;
  • How to promote best practice, to protect against bad practice, and to confront the unethical;
  • How established principles in related fields (that is, AI and data ethics) can be applied in AIED contexts.

The summit also featured an opening debate with the topic “This House Believes that it is Unethical NOT to invest in AI in Education”, a discussion on the Ethical Business Model hosted by Lord Tim Clement-Jones, and a keynote on the Future of Work in the Age of Covid-19 by Daniel Susskind. This 3-days summit is expected to produce a report with recommendations for AI practitioners and industry. For anyone interested, the recordings and other materials can be accessed through the website: https://www.aiedethics.com/