Recap: Nordic LASI

The Keynote Address from Dr. Inge Molenaar, who also provided Friday’s Closing Speech.

Last week, coLAPs took part in the Nordic Learning Analytics Summer Institute (Nordic-LASI) hosted by Tallinn University in Tallinn on August 28-30. Nordic-LASI commenced Wednesday afternoon with a multimodal data gathering session followed by the opening ceremony and keynote address from Dr. Inge Molenaar from Radboud University.

Sessions often included a mix of hands-on workshop activities and presentations on theory.

From Wednesday to Friday, we took part in workshops that explored topics such as data analysis, datavisualization, self-regulated learning, and supporting learning. Interspersed among the workshops were valuable networking opportunities (and invaluable flows of coffee) to get better acquainted with many of the other people who are also studying educational science and learning analytics in the Nordic region.

Showtime at 9:00 am! We survived fortunately despite no coffee yet

In what felt like no time at all, Friday morning arrived, and it was time for us to conduct our own workshop on using Learning Analytics to design appropriate feedback. Overall, the workshop was a good experience not only for the participants involved, but for Irene and me as well as it was the first workshop we’ve facilitated as a team.

The hands-on part of our workshop where participants broke into small groups to work on the task.

After a brief introduction of coLAps and our goal, we proceeded with a short theoretical explanation of several key pedagogical concepts, such as scaffolding, the Zone of Proximal Development, the Assistance Dilemma, and Contingent Tutoring. Afterwards, workshop participants were divided into small groups to design learning interventions based on several potential scenarios before wrapping up with a large roundtable discussion on the designed interventions.

One of the main points from LASI? Gathering multi-modal data is haaaaaard.

Not long after, Nordic-LASI came to a close and Dr. Molenaar closed out the event just as she opened it. As for next year’s Nordic-LASI, it will be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden.

Academic events have two primary benefits: sharing knowledge and networking with new people. The latter is particularly good in a city as beautiful as Tallinn.